Teen Troubles: Crime

Crime is prevalent among teenagers for many reasons. Youth and inexperience seem to lend themselves to dangerous, criminal situations. Some teenagers live in situations where violence and crime are ordinary occurrences, and few good role models exist to set a crime-free example. Inexperience and fear keep teenagers from reporting crime, and unreported crimes often lead to cycles of revenge and further victimization.

Decreasing crime among teenagers

Education and communication are important tools in helping teenagers stay away from crime. Teenagers need to be aware of the crime risks they face, understand laws and law-enforcement practices of where they live, and be involved in their communities. Teaching teens to manage their anger in non-violent ways will encourage them to avoid criminal activity. Mediation programs can help teens practice using communication to resolve conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings. Discouraging crime at the lowest level can stop the cycle before it escalates into rape or homicide.


The articles in this section are here to give you more information on teenage crime and what you can do to prevent it.