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Midwest Academy is a private boarding school that specializes in work with at risk teens, male and female, between the ages of 12-18, who struggle in their home, school, or community environment and are exhibiting a wide range of issues including: defiance, disrespect, not following rules, not living within family values, experimenting with drugs, sexual activity, stealing, vandalism, lack of motivation, doing poorly in school, and low self esteem.

They also work with students who have been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), Bi-Polar Tendencies, Borderline personalities, Depression, and Anxiety.

Program Description

There are three Phases in a student's development at Midwest Academy.

The Structure Phase - is designed to help your child understand the need for rules and boundaries and to ensure compliance.

The Leadership Phase- teaches students to be honorable and stand on principals.

The Internalization Phase - is where students apply what they have learned and their growth and positive changes become internalized.

Midwest Academy works with students through a level system approach. Our students earn points through good behavior, academic achievement, and personal growth requirements. Students loose those points for rule violations. Students progress through levels 1-6. The first three levels are very structured and focused on boundaries and respect. The last three levels are more relaxed and focused on leadership, peers, and priorities.

This program is a results based program, meaning that students accelerate on the basis of positive results versus time. With this method, they ensure that students are creating real and lasting change.


MWA and Keokuk Community School District have a unique dual enrollment agreement that allows for a variety of educational opportunities, resources and support not available at other private schools.

Licensed teachers work with students in computer based classes and traditional classroom settings. Special Education and Guidance Counseling services are provided due to the unique dual enrollment agreement with Keokuk Community School District. Midwest Academy students receive six hours of instruction in addition to two hours of Physical Education, six days a week.

The average student at Midwest may be able to complete a year of High School credit in just over 6 months. MWA requires students to reach a minimum B average. Midwest Academy awards accredited High School diplomas and transfer credits.

See web site for very large offering of courses.


Food services are provided by the Keokuk Public School District and comply with all National nutrition requirements. Beside the basic food courses the students enjoy a 27-item salad and fruit bar daily.

Daily Schedule

This is a very general overview of a day for a Midwest Academy student, however there are many variances depending on different activities that occur such as: free time (for upper level students only), activities (BBQ, slip n slide, rock band, movies, etc.), Traditional Class (Math, Creative Writing, Speech), meetings with Family Representatives, Administration, or Therapists, Dr.'s or Nursing visits, Specialized group sessions (Anger Management, Emotional Literacy, Chemical Dependency, and Adoption), Seminars, Communities Small group sessions, and Service projects (Bowling for Kids Sake, Adopt a Highway, nursing home visits, etc.).

Admissions Qualifications

Note that there are certain instances where a student is not suited for this program. Midwest does not accept student with:


Midwest Academy's tuition and fees are as follow:

Tuition covers:

For financing info, call Parent Help at 1-844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.

Managing Staff

Director: Mr. Ben Trane has worked in schools for approximately 14years the last 3 years as director of Midwest the three years previous to that as assistant director.

Mr. James Posz has a Bachelor of Psychology from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Missouri . He holds a current license in Social Work- Independent level from the State of Iowa Board of Social Work Examiners. He has had 34 years of social work experience in the public sector prior to joining the Midwest Academy staff in November of 2006. Mr. Posz offers a group on anger management and is equipped to offer groups in adoption related issues as the need arises. He also provides individual counseling to students as well as assisting with staff assessment of students who are struggling in the program.

Mr. Gary LaChapelle is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor currently employed by Midwest Academy . He has earned his education through Southeastern Community College , Jacksonville University , and Auburn University . Gary has had 21 years of experience working in the public sector prior to joining the staff at Midwest Academy in June of 2004. Mr. LaChapelle provides individual counseling in addition to hosting chemical dependency groups.

Ms. Julie Dorothy is the newest of our resident counselors at Midwest Academy arriving this year. She has a Bachelors of Social Work from Mount Mercy College and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work from Western Illinois University. Julie holds a Masters level license in Social Work from the State of Iowa board of Social Workers. Julie has 23 years experience working with children ages 8-18 in residential treatment.

Midwest teachers are licensed and credentialed.

Nursing staff - are all licensed nurses.